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Administration and Distribution of Cannabis for Medical Purposes (2019) 
Advanced Footcare (2020)
Advanced Practice – Clinical Nurse Specialist (2013)
Advanced Practice – Nurse Practitioner (2013)
Advancing the Role of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse (2003)*
Advertising Nursing Services (2019)
All-Terrain Vehicles and Health and Safety (2005) ^
Approval Process for Basic Nursing Education Programs (2013)
Authorizing The Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes (2019)


Canadian Nurse Practitioner Core Competency Framework (CNA, 2010)
Certificate of Conduct
Child Passenger Safety in Newfoundland & Labrador (2005) ^
Collaborative Nursing Practice - Guiding Principles (2008)*


Dispensing by Registered Nurses (RNs) Employed Within Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) (2017)
Documentation Standards for Registered Nurses (2010)



Guidelines for Registered Nurses in the Role of Childbirth Educator (2002)*
Guidelines for the Camp Nurse (2003)*


Healthy Aging for All: A Shared Responsibility (2006)
Healthy Eating and Active Living in School Settings: Taking Action to Address Obesity in Children and Youth (2005) ^


Influenza Vaccination by Registered Nurses (2004)*
Insulin Dosage Adjustment (2016)
Interim Licensure


Licensure Conditions


Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Use in Newfoundland & Labrador (2005) ^
Medical Directives and Pre-Printed Orders: Authorization for Registered Nurse Practice (2008)

Medication Management 2019


Nursing Education Consolidation (2013)
Nursing Leadership (2009)*


Optimizing Nurse Practitioners for Better Access to Health Care (2013)


Poverty Reduction Strategy Feedback to Provincial Government (2015)
Pre-Budget Consultation Submission to Provincial Government (2015)
Primary Health Care (2012)
Professional Responsibilities when Working with Institutionally-Based Unregulated Care Providers (2009)
Professionalism and the Registered Nurse (2014)
Provisional Registration


Quality Assurance Program (2019)
Quality Professional Practice Environment (QPPE) Standards (2013)


Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners - Aiding In Medical Assistance In Dying (2016)
Registered Nurse First Assist (2009)
Registered Nurse Roles in Long Term Care (2013)
Registered Nurses in Management Positions (2013)
Registered Nurses' Professional Duty to Address Unsafe and Unethical Practices (2008)
Registered Nurses’ Role in Promoting Breastfeeding (2011)
Registered Nurses’ Views on Leadership (2006)*
Registration Exam Facts
Requisite Skills and Abilities for Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice Guidelines (2012)
Role of the Registered Nurse in Clinical Management Positions (2005)*


Scope of Nursing Practice – Definition, Decision-Making and Delegation (2006) **Currently Undergoing Revisions**
Self-Employed Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (2016)
Shared Competencies and Assignment of Care: Registered Nurses (RNs) Collaborating with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) (2013)
Social Media (2013)
Staffing for Quality Care in Institutional Settings (2006)*
Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (2019)
Staying Close to Home (2010)
Supporting Health System Sustainability Through Investments in Primary Health Care (2013)
Supporting Professional Development to Invest in Quality Health Care (2013)


The Role of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Working in the Community (2008)*
The Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship: Expectations for Registered Nurses (2014)
Third Party Payment of Nursing Services (2000)*




Virtual Nursing Practice (2020)


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