How to Volunteer

At ARNNL, we rely on volunteers to fill a variety of roles and positions. Your participation is vital to ensure broad-based input into the work of the Association. If you chose to volunteer, you can be assured your work will make a significant difference in helping us to fulfill our mission. 

As a Public Representative, you would assist us in meeting our regulatory requirements in areas which include, but are not limited to: registration, professional conduct, nursing practice and public policy. 

Public Representatives provide ARNNL Council, its committees, and members with an understanding of consumer issues as they relate to nursing and health care in our province. Public Representatives are generally appointed to committees for a two to three-year term and are required to attend committee meetings throughout the year.


  • An interest in health and welfare and a general knowledge of health matters;
  • Previous committee or board experience; 
  • Time to devote to the role; 
  • Volunteer or work experience that demonstrates acting in the public interest.  

Registered Nurses are not eligible to serve in public representative positions.  ARNNL members interested in volunteering can visit the Get Involved page for more information.

To Apply: 

Members of the public interested in becoming a public representative on ARNNL Council or the Disciplinary Committee must apply through the Independent Appointments Commission. For more information, please call (709) 753-6183, 1-800-563-3200, or email

Members of the public interested in becoming a public representative on ARNNL's Quality Assurance Committee can apply by submitting a resume/CV to For more information, please click here. Questions related to the Quality Assurance Committee can be directed to Nursing Consultant, Rolanda Lavallee at or 753-6019.

Note - as these are volunteer positions, only expenses will be reimbursed.

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