Opportunity for Input

CRNNL relies on feedback from registrants, stakeholders and the public to carry out our regulatory role. You can help us achieve this mandate by participating in document review and other surveys.


Consultation on Draft Documents

CRNNL regularly conducts feedback surveys as we develop and revise our documents to ensure they are evidence informed and align with best practice.


Currently Under Review

There are no draft documents currently under review.


Other Opportunities for Input

Reigstered Nurses in Management Positions

CRNNL is currently conducting the Survey of RNs in Management Positions. This survey is our primary source of nursing management data and, as far as we are aware, the only comprehensive, provincial survey of RNs in management positions.

Results of this survey provide valuable data for CRNNL and other stakeholders such as the provincial government’s Health Human Resources division. This year we have collaborated with the provincial Schools of Nursing to collect evaluation data on performance of new RN, NP and MN graduates.

If you are an RN in a management position and have not received an invitation to participate in the survey, please contact Julie Wells at (709) 753-6182 or jwells@crnnl.ca.



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