St. Clare's Alumni Association Scholarship Nursing Reference

Scholarships are awarded annually to graduates of the St. Clare's Mercy Hospital School of Nursing who are enrolled in a Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing Program (BN Post RN).

Value: $1500 (full-time), $750 (part-time)

Application Deadline: October 15th 

Nursing references are accepted from a registered nurse* in a leadership position who can speak to the applicant’s motivation and initiative with regard to their nursing practice. 

If you are providing a nursing reference for an applicant, please review the Reference Requirements document prior to starting the reference form. 

References can be completed using the Post Basic BN Scholarship Nursing Reference Form. Letters of reference will not be accepted. 

References must be submitted by the application deadline in order to be considered by the Awards Committee.

*References are accepted from non-nurses in situations where the applicant’s manager/supervisor is not a registered nurse.

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