Standards & Code of Ethics

Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses

Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses outline the expected conduct or performance required of all RNs in all situations and in all practice areas. It is the benchmark against which actual performance can be measured. All RNs are responsible to know these expectations and understand how they apply to their practice. There are four broad standard statements. Under each standard are a number of indicators which serve as examples of activities which demonstrate how a standard may be applied.

Standards for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Newfoundland & Labrador

The Standards for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Newfoundland & Labrador allow NPs to practice with autonomy, providing evidence-informed decisions based on standards and competencies rather than schedules and practice protocols. The Standards increase the NP scope of practice, allow for more autonomy within a collaborative team, and bring the NP scope of practice and streams of practice in the province in line with NPs in the rest of Canada, including having a registration exam for all NP graduates and having NPs work within their level of competence, stream of practice, and practice setting.

Code of Ethics

The Canadian Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses serves as a foundation for nurses’ ethical practice.

The specific values and ethical responsibilities expected of registered nurses are set out in part I of the Code. Endeavours that nurses may undertake to address social inequities as part of ethical practice are outlined in part II. The Code provides guidance for ethical relationships, responsibilities, behaviours and decision-making, and it is to be used in conjunction with the professional standards, laws and regulations that guide practice.

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