Virtual Care

CNPS Webinar
4:30 - 5:30 NDT
17 Sep 2020

The provision of virtual care has been increasing both within Canada and globally for some time.

The global pandemic has accelerated the use of virtual care across Canada and around the world, as more health-care providers turn to virtual care. As a service that has now entered the commercial realm outside of the traditional healthcare setting, nurses should be aware of the legal considerations when practising in a virtual care setting.

This session will look at the importance of the physical location, custodianship considerations, privacy, emerging technologies and risk-management strategies in the delivery of virtual care.

Learning objectives:

  • Appreciate the legal considerations surrounding virtual care
  • Understand why your physical location, and that of your client, has legal implications
  • Gain insight into your professional obligations as they relate to conflict of interest.

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